Archies Thongs for Summer


With the weather finally warming up a common line of questioning from our patients is never far behind; Are thongs bad for me? or Will my foot pain get worse if I wear thongs? 

Traditionally thongs haven’t been a podiatrist’s first recommendation when it comes to footwear options in summer although luckily we now have a solid option to recommend.

Archies, an Australian brand, now make thongs that address many of the old complaints we felt and heard when it came to a traditional thin and flat thong or flip flop. Designed by a physiotherapist we can now confidently recommend thongs as part of our patients footwear rotation.

So what makes Archies different? There are 3 key features that make Archies a great option for those who need a little more support:

  1. Arch Support: much like an orthotic these thongs are designed to contour into the arch of your feet, providing you with a nice even distribution of pressure beneath the feet and support for extended wear throughout the day   
  2. Elevated Heel: unlike traditional thongs Archies have a higher heel to reduce the pressure on the calves and achilles tendon, perfect for those who struggle with completely flat styled thongs of old 
  3. Secure Straps: A tighter strap smartly designed to hold the feet on top of the thongs to stop the constant clawing and gripping your feet need to do to hang onto traditional thongs, so no more flopping around in your flip flops!

These features make the Archies Thong ideal for those of you who suffer from:


The best part of these Archies thongs is they still look like a traditional thong, so you’ll never have to worry about looking out of place on the way to the beach!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at or book in for an appointment online.

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