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About Pro Feet Podiatry

Pro Feet Podiatry is a team of professional Podiatrists with a passion for finding solutions to problems that prevent their clients enjoying life to its fullest. With a focus on keeping people active, healthy and happy, the Podiatrists with Pro Feet Podiatry provide a range of professional services from our convenient locations.

Pro Feet Podiatry has an innovative approach to its diagnosis and treatment, with its experienced and caring team combining technology and customer service to create a “wow” experience for its clients.

Pro Feet Podiatry first identifies the podiatry problem and then sets to work finding the solution.

Read about the 'why' behind Pro Feet Podiatry

Our team of Podiatrists are humble, caring and world class. We are passionate about finding solutions to the problems that prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

We live and breathe our mission which is to keep people active, healthy and happy across our convenient locations across the SurfCoast, Melbourne, Geelong & now Central Queensland.

We invest in innovative and progressive technology to take our diagnosis, treatment and care of you to the next level. We pride ourselves on creating ‘wow’ experiences for our clients and focus on treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, to target long term success.

We have podiatrists in Geelong, Hawthorn, Lara, Hampton, Drysdale, Flemington, Colac, Windsor, Melbourne CBD, Essendon, Mill Park, Eltham, Blackburn & Yeppoon. We love helping people to be active, healthy and happy! Pro Feet Podiatry was born and continues to grow from a passion to deliver caring, consistent and professional care to help people stay active, healthy and happy! View our team values.

Our Values

We are committed to you & each other

We treat you like our Mum, our Dad or a professional athlete

We do what we say we will do

We get it done!

How We Can Help

Our team of professional, experienced and caring podiatrists are qualified to help you with all of your foot, ankle and lower limb-related problems:

Plantar Fasciosis/Heel pain

Arch & Forefoot pain

CAM Walker fitting

Skin & Nail Conditions

Footwear Management

Stress fractures

Hallux Valgus / Bunions

Running technique & efficiency

Diabetes Foot Care

Shin Splints

Fungal toenail management

Arthritic foot pain

Children’s feet

Plantar warts

Corns & callus

In-growing toenails

What to Expect at your Podiatry Appointment:

Your podiatry appointments will consist of:

  • Listening: We listen to understand you, the activities you enjoy, how your problem presented and how it affects you.
  • Accurate diagnosis: We may need to refer you for diagnostic imaging such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI or pathology.
  • Assessing and addressing the causative factors: We settle your pain and address the reasons why it presented.

We provide you with a specific management plan. We confirm your treatment goals, diagnosis, timeframe and management.

We will be here to help guide you along the way – we love keeping people active, healthy and happy!

Your appointment with a Pro Feet Podiatry podiatrist will comprise many elements, including:

We listen to understand you, the activities you enjoy, how your problem presented and how it affects you.

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