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Meet the Pro Feet Podiatry Team.

Our team of Local Podiatrists at Pro Feet Podiatry are all talented and eager professionals working from a range of clinics in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs. Pro Feet Podiatry provide a full range of podiatry services and our podiatrists treat a range of problems including heel pain through to children’s foot injuries and everything in between. Pro Feet Podiatry’s goal is it keep its clients active, happy and healthy.

Below you can meet our team and filter out by your nearest location. You will also be able to browse their clinical interests to help identify the practitioner that will fit best your needs, click through to learn more and book! If you need help at any time, our friendly team will be happy to assist and you can contact them anytime on 1300 945 789.

Alice Kilpatrick
Clinical Interests: Foot and ankle mobilisation and manipulation, Functional assessment and training, Athletic and sporting footwear…
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Anabelle Hawkins
Clinical Interests in: Sports Podiatry, paediatrics/children’s feet, heel pain, running assessment & injury prevention.
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Andrew Crutch
Clinical Interests: Runners, Children’s feet, Footwear, Heel Pain, Acute Injuries, CAM boots, Custom Orthotics.
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Ben Jose
Clinical Interests: Younger athletes, Chronic overuse injuries, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendon injuries & Heel pain.
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Chris Culkin
Clinical Interests: Heel pain, tendon pain, orthoses therapy, shockwave therapy, restoring movement/FMT, dry needling, ingrown toenail…
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Chris McCormick
Clinical Interests: Plantar fasciopathy (and all plantar heel pain), Achilles tendinopathy, Forefoot pain, Running re-training &…
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Clementine Scheffers
Ingrown toenails and nail surgeries, muscular and joint issues: in particular sports injuries, forefoot pathologies, heel…
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Craig Hankridge
Clinical Interests: Dry needling, Foot mobilisation & manipulation, Running technique, Management of Osteoarthritis symptoms, Runners &…
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David Hudson
Clinical Interests: Heel Pain, 1st Toe Pain/Bunions, Exercise Rehabilitation, Orthotic Management and Ingrown Toe Nail Procedures.
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Jake Pitt
Clinical Interests: Achilles & heel pain, Strength and fitness programming, Shockwave therapy, Paediatric feet, Dry needling…
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Jake Sheridan
Clinical Interests: Sports and musculoskeletal injuries, Management of painful corns, Ingrown nails
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Jakob McCorkell
Clinical Interests: Tendon pathologies (achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis and adult flat foot), Flexible Orthotic prescription, Foot…
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Natalie Mazzella
Clinical Interests: Netball injuries, Lower limb overuse injuries, Treatment and assessment of children’s feet.
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Oliver Tate
Clinical Interests: Exercise and strength-based rehabilitation, Shockwave therapy, Load management, Orthoses therapy & Footwear.
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Rosie Whiting
Clinical Interests: Running analysis & technique, Injury prevention & management, Foot mobilisation & manipulation, Cortisone injections
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Ruby Howard
Clinical Interests: Heel and arch pain, shin pain, running and netball injuries and general nail and…
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Shruti Nair
Clinical Interests: General nail and skin care, Management of Osteoarthritis symptoms, Children’s Podiatry & Heel Pain.
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Steph Kreskas
Clinical Interests: Runners, Athletes, Musculoskeletal injuries, Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention.
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Tracey Loc
Clinical Interests: Sporting injuries, Shockwave therapy, Orthotic management & Ingrown toe nail surgery.
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Meet the Pro Feet Podiatry Admin Team:

Alisha Barnett
Debra Reynolds
Administration & Accounts Team Leader
Sonja Haugh
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