We can assess your walking & running patterns with 3D Pressure Mapping to resolve foot pain!

Our experienced podiatry team loves keeping people of all ages, active, healthy and happy! Like you, most people we see in our clinics love keeping active – walking, running, golf, bowls, cricket, travel, family. We are on our feet a lot!

As part of your assessment we analyze your walking and running pressure patterns using a 3D pressure scanner or Zebris Plantar Pressure Treadmill. This progressive technology helps us to accurately identify the causative factors relating to your foot pain, while walking & running and reduce risk of injury going forward.

3D Pressure assessment helps in five main ways:

You would benefit from a 3D pressure analysis as part of your consultation if you have pain in your feet, ankles, shins or knees. This 3D pressure assessment is FREE as part of your consultation with our friendly, caring and experienced Podiatrists.

Accurate measurement of the load patterns under your feet as you walk.
Measures the pressure barefoot and with shoes.
Measures centre of pressure as you walk and run.
Able to accurately review your progress over time.
To link in with the high-speed video assessment to create a complete picture of your walking/running.
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