Fix Fungal Toenails with PACT UV Nail Treatment at Pro Feet Podiatry.

Fungal toenails or onychomycosis is a common condition that we care for in our podiatry clinics. Onychomycosis can affect people of all ages and activity levels. It is a condition that is generally pain free but can cause physical pain and discomfort if it progresses. People can also be aware of the aesthetic look of the toenail, as it will often be discolored yellow, white or even brown. The nail can be flaky and irregular in growth.

To confirm the type of fungus present, a sample of the nail can be taken and sent to pathology for culturing. There are many treatment options available at Pro Feet Podiatry, including: Topical paints/tinctures, regular skin & nail care, Oral medications & Photodynamic therapy – PACT.

What to expect from a PACT UV Nail Treatment

PACT uses a UV-sensitive gel and UV light to target the active fungal spores.

This treatment involves reducing the affected toe nails and then treating the nails with PACT, one a week for four weeks & then a follow up treatment at a month. This treatment is pain-free and has no reported side effects.

We find best outcomes are achieved with regular reduction of the active fungal spores with sterile instruments until the new, fresh toenail progresses forward.

At Pro Feet Podiatry we are proud to offer no added fee for this treatment. If you would like more information on fungal nail management or would like to make an appointment, please contact us today.

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