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Orthotic devices or arch supports can be beneficial in the overall management of many foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. The aim of an orthotic device is to improve the way you move – walk, run or function – to reduce excess load on the affected part of your body.

We use progressive techniques to assess your feet and the way you move, enabling us to provide you with a comfortable and functional orthotic device.

Podiatrist Danny Hegarty discusses orthotics

Orthotic devices are designed in a range of sizes, shapes, support features. Ultimately this allows us to achieve the best outcomes in keeping you active, healthy and happy!

Rebates on orthotic devices are available through your podiatry private health insurer when you are fitted by your Podiatrist.
If you want us to help you with orthotic devices as part of your overall management plan, please give us a call or book an appointment online. Our Podiatrists use the latest techniques and equipment, including 3D pressure mapping, video assessments and shockwave therapy.
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