Let us help you find the perfect Footwear to prevent injury & aid recovery.

We are passionate about footwear and qualified to fit all types as part of your active management plan. Footwear is often a major causative factor that can be addressed to allow an injury to rest and heal, getting you back to the daily activity you enjoy!

We understand the importance of not only the shoes for your activity (running, golf, football, netball etc), but your work and day-to-day shoes that you spend the majority of your time in.

Before investing in a pair of shoes that aren’t the most appropriate for your foot type or function, we recommended seeking advice from a podiatrist. In the clinic, your Podiatrist can assess your dynamic foot function using plantar pressure assessmentvideo gait analysis. This allows for slowing down, measurement and specific assessment of your biomechanics and footwear to allow accurate recommendation of the best shoe for you!

To help you, we assess and manage the following factors, each specific to your injury, your goals, your ability and your conditioning:

Work Shoes

eg. nurses, tradespeople, retail, professionals, teachers

School Shoes

all ages

Running Shoes

all distances and surfaces – trail, tri’s, marathons

Sports Shoes

golf, football, netball, soccer, basketball

Walking Shoes

daily walking, travel, dog walking etc.

At Home

slippers, thongs etc.

At Pro Feet Podiatry, we stock a range of footwear including Ecco Footwear, Frankie 4 Footwear & Archie’s Thongs. We also work very closely with footwear specific stores, to make sure you are in the right shoe!


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