Podiatrists in Lara, Drysdale, Windsor, Colac, Geelong, Kensington, Blackburn, Hawthorn & Brighton

As Podiatrists, we are qualified to fit all types of footwear as part of your active management plan.

Footwear is often a major causative factor that can be addressed to allow an injury to rest and heal, getting you back to the daily activity you enjoy!

Some of the types of footwear we specialise in assessing and referring for are:

Work shoes – eg. nurses, tradespeople, retail, professionals, teachers Running shoes – all distances and surfaces – trail, tri’s, marathons
School shoes – all ages At home – slippers, thongs etc.
Walking shoes – daily walking, travel, dog walking etc. Sports shoes – golf, football, netball, soccer, basketball

We recommend you are sized up and fitted by the most appropriate fitting specialist for your desired shoe. We don’t sell shoes in our clinics. We do work closely with many of these fitting specialists in Colac, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

In the clinic, your Podiatrist can assess your dynamic foot function using video gait analysis. This allows for slowing down, measurement and specific assessment of your biomechanics and footwear to allow accurate recommendation of the best shoe for you!

If you want us to help you to professionally recommend specific footwear for you, please get in touch or book your appointment online. We can help you with shoe selection and other podiatry problems such as skin and nail conditions, ingrown toenails and diabetes-related issues.

We look forward to caring for you soon!