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Blisters can be debilitating and take the fun out of being on your feet and active. Fortunately, as well as offering advice and treatment for conditions ranging from heel pain, children’s foot injuries and night splits, through to fungal toenails and footcare products, arthritis and CAM walkers, our Podiatrists also have solutions for blisters. Take time to read our tips and also watch the videos and make painful blisters a problem of the past.

Five tips to keep your feet strong, healthy and prevent blisters!

  1. Footwear: Get your shoes properly fitted by a technical store who knows walking and running shoes! If you have pressure areas you can adjust the lacing in your shoes to help offload the pressure.
  2. Get awesome socks & change them frequently! Technical socks (such as Experia, Thorlo, X-socks, Lightfeet, Injinji and others) are the best at keeping your skin dry and strong! Make sure your socks fit well & feel good with your shoes. Ideally change socks every 8-10 km to keep your skin healthy and strong. Avoid cotton socks.
  3. Taping/Strapping: Use your training walks to identify “hot spots” or high areas of pressure or friction Use a combination of breathable tape (Mefix, Fixamul, Hypafix) and/or rigid sports tape to reinforce the skin. Practice makes perfect with taping so give it a go before your longer walks/runs.
  4. Shoe lacing: There are lacing techniques such as “heel lock” and “lace lock” that can help to offload pressure or reduce friction. See what works for you depending on your “hot spot”.
  5. Blister products: Some blister products work for specific “hot spots”. Be sure to use them in training. Engo anti-friction patches (engo.com.au) and silicone toe sleeves (chemist) are our favourites.

Blister prevention, with Podiatrist Danny Hegarty


Blister prevention, with Podiatrist Grace Byrnes

Video Notes

Items used in Danny and Grace’s blister prevention videos

  • Breathable tape: HYPAFIX, FIXAMUL or MEFIX.
  • Rigid sports tape: Elastoplast or similar – Danny uses 5cm width, also great in 3.8cm.
  • Lubricant: Vaseline, Sudocrem or Bodyglide are useful.

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