Running socks, why so important?


As podiatrist we are constantly working with athletes and runners who love to keep active and injury free. We spend a lot of time assessing their biomechanics, gait, muscle strength, footwear and foot mobility. With all this in mind, one factor that often gets overlooked by many is the importance of socks specific to your activity. Many of us spend so much time researching and investing in the latest running shoes, it is now time to think about the socks we are putting on our feet as well. We must not underestimate the importance of running socks. 

You ask any runner, and they have most likely suffered from blisters at some stage, and there is nothing more frustrating. Blisters occur as a result of a combination of moisture and friction. Therefore, the aim of blister management is to reduce the moisture. One of the best ways to manage moisture levels is a technical running sock. A technical running sock can be quite an investment compared to your everyday cotton sock, but it has many beneficial features.


Features to enjoy include:

  • Different thicknesses
  • Extra padding to protect vulnerable areas prone to more pressure
  • Good fit, helping reduce friction
  • Mesh for added breathability
  • Compression around the arch to prevent the sock from moving and causing friction

Choosing the right technical running sock can be quite a tricky task, as there are often so many different colours, thicknesses, lengths and are quite an investment compared to your usual cotton socks. Our top technical running sock recommendations at Pro Feet Podiatry are: 

1. Steigen 

High percentage of lycra, reducing any air pockets and therefore friction

  • Lycra also prevent slipping or rubbing from occurring inside the foot
  • Light weight

2. Light Feet 

  • Coolmax for maximum moisture management and temperature control
  • Made from 99.9% pure silver for permanent anti-odour and antimicrobial features
  • Contours arch to prevent movement and friction
  • Padded protection to help reduce friction around pressure points

3. Thorlo/experia

  • Nylon covered lycra providing aerodynamic glove like fit
  • Mesh polyester for maximum breathability
  • Anatomically padded in key areas to absorb impact while preventing blisters

 4. Feetures

  • Targeted areas of compression
  • Seamless toe to eliminate irritating toe seam
  • Anatomical design to left and right feet providing optimal fit and reduced risk of friction and blisters


As highlighted, each of the technical running socks slightly differ from each other, so it is important to identify the features that suit your feet. Technical socks can be purchased at a specialty running store such as active feet, and certain sports stores such as rebel sport. If you often find yourself struggling to get the fit of the socks right or are constantly suffering from blisters I would recommend visiting a running specialist store such as Active Feet or having an appointment with one of our podiatrist at Pro Feet Podiatry.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email [email protected], or book online for an appointment here! Ruby is available at Drysdale and Lara 


Ruby Howard



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