What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a combination of Local Anaesthetic and Glucose which is used to stimulate healing of joints, ligaments and tendons. The aim of this treatment is to repair connective tissue by creating a brief inflammatory response. This Inflammatory response kicks starts a healing pathway for chronic connective tissue injuries.

Conditions that Prolotherapy can be helpful in include:
• Ankle Sprains
Plantar Fasciitis
• Mortons Neuroma
• Plantar Plate Injuries
• Mid Tarsal joint Arthritis

Prolotherapy is best used in combination with other treatment modalities such as taping, orthotics, specific stretching & strengthening and foot mobilisation for the most effective healing response.

Multiple injections are usually needed, 3-5 every 2 weeks depending on the injury. It is also important to note connective tissue can take 3 months to heal therefore patients will be advised to use conjunctive supplements such as Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin C for optimal tissue repair.

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