Podiatrists in Hawthorn, Geelong, Windsor, Kensington, Lara, Ocean Grove, Brighton, Colac and Drysdale

At Pro Feet Podiatry we love helping people to be active, healthy and happy. Our Podiatrists can help you with a range of different foot problems at our Geelong, Lara, Ocean Grove, Kensington, Colac, Windsor, Brighton, Hawthorn, Blackburn and Drysdale clinics.

Our treatment covers conditions ranging from heel pain and all its causes, through to ankle and foot pain and shin and knee pain.

Our Podiatrists also treat children’s foot pain and associated conditions, skin conditions on feet, toenail problems, problems associated with diabetes and can also relieve hip and back pain.

Our podiatry treatments

Heel pain: Including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and plantar fasciosis.

Foot pain: Big toe pain, bunion pain, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, foot arthritis, stress fractures, stress reaction, achilles tendinosis, tired feet, flat feet.

Shin pain: Including shin splints, medial tibial stress syndrome and calf strain.

Ankle pain: From ankle sprains through to treatment for ankle ligament tears.

Knee pain: The range of knee conditions to benefit from treatment by our Podiatrists includes runner’s knee, ITB friction syndrome, PFJ syndrome and patella mal-tracking.

Children: Podiatry treatment for children’s foot pain includes conditions such as Sever’s heel pain, Osgood Schlatters knee pain, toe walking and in-toeing

Toe-nails: Our Podiatrists provide solutions to numerous toenail conditions, including ingrown toenails, yellow toenails and toe-nail fungus.

Skin: We provide podiatry treatment for blisters, callus and hard skin conditions and plantar warts.

Diabetes: Diabetes brings a variety of problems to the feet of sufferers and at Pro Feet Podiatry our Podiatrists are up to date with the latest diabetes foot care and treatment.

Our caring, experienced and professional Podiatrists use progressive technology to help you!

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Our experienced Sports Podiatrists love keeping athletes, of all ages and abilities, active, healthy and happy! Like you, most people we see in our clinics love keeping active – exercising and playing sport! Injury is a part of sport and exercise that can keep you away from the activities you enjoy. As Podiatrists we work...

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We enjoy being able to help with all of your skin and nail concerns. We take pride in taking the time to care for your skin and nails so that they stay strong and resilient, helping to keep you active, healthy and happy. Some of the conditions we commonly help people with are: Thickened toenails...

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We enjoy helping children, of all ages, stay active, healthy and happy! We commonly see children withdrawing from day-to-day activity and exercise because of sore, tired or painful feet and legs. We work as part of the health care team, helping to assess and diagnose conditions that affect children’s feet and legs. We then address...

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Heel pain is a common condition that we enjoy being able to help you with, getting you back to the activities you enjoy! There are many common causes of heel pain, all of them can be frustrating because they generally get worse over time. Heel pain is an umbrella term used to loosely describe pain...

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Diabetes is a highly prevalent condition in Australia. Many people, however, are not aware of the effects it can have on the feet. High blood glucose levels can affect many systems within the body, which is why it is so important to have ongoing preventative Podiatry care. Regular assessments are required for optimum foot care,...

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In-grown toenails can be a very painful and frustrating condition. We know how irritating they can be and we enjoy being able to relieve you of this pain and get you back to being active, healthy and happy! The reason these are so painful is generally because a hard piece of nail is growing into...

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Fungal toenails or onychomycosis is a common condition that we care for in our clinics. Onychomycosis can affect people of all ages and activity levels. It is a condition that is generally pain-free but can cause physical pain and discomfort if it progresses. People can also be aware of the aesthetic look of the toenail, as it...

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Arthritis pain is a common condition that our Podiatrists enjoy being able to help people return to being active, healthy and happy! There are many common causes of arthritis pain, all of them can be frustrating because they generally get worse over time. As Ppodiatrists, we will video you walking and use clinical assessment to diagnose...

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