Shane Davis

Geelong & Drysdale

Shane has a broad Podiatry background and is an integral part of the Pro Feet Podiatry team.

Shane has a broad Podiatry background graduating in a Bachelor of Podiatry at La Trobe University receiving the final year Award of Excellence. He completed his final year in London with Sports Podiatrists, Foot and Ankle Surgeons and Podiatry footwear retailers. Shane has post graduate training in Foot mobilisation and manipulation, Running analysis and technique, Flexible orthotic prescription, Shockwave therapy, & Tendon pathologies.

Shane has extensive experience in video assessment, running technique, 3D pressure assessment and footwear, working with elite, recreational and social athletes.

Shane played tennis at a junior elite level as well as being a qualified tennis coach and now enjoys many sports recreationally including running, golf, football, skiing and cycling.

To make an appointment please call the clinic on 5222 6868 or make a booking online.

Shane's area of interest is in treating:

Running and triathlon
Sporting injuries
Footwear fitting
Running and walking analysis and technique
Arthritic conditions
Tendon injuries
Heel pain
Shin pain
Children’s feet

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