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Polly Lim


Polly relocated from sunny Singapore to Melbourne to pursue clinical research in musculoskeletal podiatry. She enjoyed her time during her honours year assessing children with Down Syndrome. After a whirlwind of traveling and working in Singapore, Polly decided to return to La Trobe University seven years later to undertake research in midfoot osteoarthritis. She hopes to translate future research into clinical practice and vice versa.

Growing up doing gymnastics, playing field hockey and now an avid hiker, Polly advocates foot health longevity regardless of sport, activity or age.

As an active person herself, Polly believes that a client’s ‘wear and tear’ joint condition is no reason to discontinue their favourite activities. She advocates active ageing and hopes to help as many clients as possible to stay active, healthy and happy and to continue the activities they love. She believes in working with a team to provide individualised treatment to her clients. Polly is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, with fair proficiency in her pet dog, Cola’s whining.

Foot Arthritis
Overuse Lower Limb Injuries
Ingrown Toenail Surgery
Children’s Feet
Active Ageing
Sports rehabilitation


Monday & every second Saturday


Tuesday & every other Saturday

When Polly is not working, she enjoys taking longer than usual walks (100km OXFAM, Humpridge trek, Routeburn trek and Annapurna circuit, to name a few). She’s always up for a chat about traveling.

Polly's interest areas include arthritis, lower limb injuries, ingrown toenail surgery and children's feet.

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