Cortisone Injections

Our Podiatrists have done further training and are endorsed to prescribe prescription medication, this can include cortisone injections.

What is a cortisone injection? 

Cortisone injections are generally a combination of Local Anaesthetic and Betamethasone (corticosteroid), which is used to reduce localised inflammation & relieve pain in the area.

Cortisone Injection is a treatment option that is often used when pain has been present for a length of time and other options of treatment have been previously trialled.

Would a cortisone injection be suitable for me? 

Cortisone can be used as part of your treatment journey for chronic pain from multiple conditions. This can include:

• Morton’s Neuroma
• Bursitis
• Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
• Chronic Ankle Pain
Plantar Fasciitis

A cortisone can often be used to further settle symptoms when you have an upcoming event or holiday.

Will the cortisone work immediately?

The cortisone can take up to 3-4 weeks to see the full benefits in pain reduction.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or have any questions around cortisone injections, please feel free to contact us or book an appointment online for further assessment.

We look forward to keeping you active, healthy and happy!

Team PFP!