Is heel pain impacting your lifestyle?!

March 26, 2019

Do you have pain at your heel first thing in the morning or after long periods of time standing? Our Podiatrist, Holly, has some information on what might be causing these symptoms. Heel pain is an umbrella term which combines several injuries that occur at the heel. Most commonly it is Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar...

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How do I prevent an achilles injury?

February 28, 2019

The achilles tendon is one of the largest and strongest tendons in the human body, and can tolerate loads far beyond our own body weight. The achilles tendon is a continuation of two muscles – the Gastrocnemius and Soleus, they are collectively known as the ‘calf’. The achilles attaches onto the back of the calcaneus...

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February 26, 2019

WHAT CAUSES RUNNING INJURIES Running injuries are contributed to by many factors from inappropriate footwear and inefficiencies in foot mechanics/limitations in mobility, to training too hard too soon. At Pro Feet Podiatry a lot of the injuries we manage are a result of exceeding tissue capacity. Put simply this is when we ask our bodies...

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Are you suffering from pre-season shin splints?

February 25, 2019

Pre Season footy training can be gruelling on the body but shin pain is something that can grind your training to a halt.   Running makes up a huge part of pre season training and if you’re not prepared shin splints can be a common occurrence. Shin splints or shin pain is an overuse injury...

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Does your child need orthotics?!

February 4, 2019

As 2019 gets into full swing, as does school and of course the sporting seasons! At Pro Feet Podiatry we’re passionate about keeping kids fit, active and happy which is why we are proactive when it comes to injury prevention. To help keep kids on the sporting field and pain-free at school, the Podiatrists at...

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What are the best kids school shoes?

January 7, 2019

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school. Which, if you have kids like mine, means new school shoes. First we’ll go through the basics of what to look for in a structured shoe. Then give you some recommendations on durable school shoes that are up to the task. It’s important to...

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Nail polish and Podiatry.. What do we think?

December 5, 2018

Who doesn’t like to put on a nice polish to match their outfit, especially as the weather warms up, but is that pretty colour doing pretty things to you’re body and your toes? Did you know that your nails are porous and they absorb what you put onto them? Many nail polishes contain ingredients that...

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Is it time to update your running shoes?

December 4, 2018

Have you ever gone for a run and felt that your shoes might need updating but didnt know how to tell if they’re past their used by date? Warmer weather means more of us are getting out there and running more, and depending on how much running you do and how often you run, it...

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Preparing your feet for travel!

November 30, 2018

Have you been planning your dream holiday, perhaps heading overseas to visit family, or are you ready to check a few things off the bucket list? Machu Picchu, Golden Gate bridge, The Stonehenge, The Eiffel Tower, The Rocky mountains …. But did you include 10-20kms of daily walking on those lists? Often when we travel...

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