Best netball shoes for 2023!

Shoe shopping can be a tricky task for anyone, testing out different sizes, cushioning levels and colors can make a daily necessity turn into a mind boggling task. Thankfully, the team here at Pro Feet Podiatry combined with Active Feet Yeppoon have assessed the current range of netball shoes and have listed their best models for season 2023!

Netball shoe or runner?

Every shoe is designed with a specific functionality- and netball-specific shoes are superior to running shoes in injury prevention and optimum performance in netball.
Netball is a high-impact sport that requires rapid acceleration and deceleration, sudden and sharp changes in direction, immediate stops, high-impact jumps and ongoing balances and stabilities. Netball players are at high risk of injury, particularly to the knees, ankles and feet.
A netball shoe is a ‘court specific’ shoe that is designed to withstand side-to-side and stop-start movements required in court sports (such as netball and basketball). As opposed to a running shoe, which is designed for straight-line high impact, repetitious activities such as walking and running. When playing Netball, it is important to ensure you are wearing activity specific shoes to improve performance, minimize fatigue and the risk of injury. Therefore increasing your level of performance, enjoyment and success.
Below are our top tips for choosing a netball shoe!

What surface you are predominantly using your netball shoes on?

  • Netball shoes are designed to facilitate movement in multiple directions.
  • To accommodate this, the outsole (bottom of the shoe) is constructed with heavy duty rubber that prevents slipping and ankle rolling.
  • Unfortunately, this increased durability leads to a trade off and that is an increase in the weight of the shoe. The more durable the shoe is, the heavier it is going to be.
  • Therefore, picking a netball shoe with a more durable outsole may be useful if the majority of your games are played outdoors. Alternatively, a player spending the majority of games on an indoor surface may find the more durable outsole, a tad heavy on an indoor court.
  • Within the Asics Netball range, the Asics Ballistic is going to be the most durable with the rigid upper and outsole properties.

What position do you usually run in?

  • All netball shoes are built with different constructions.
  • Some netball shoes are constructed to function and feel more like a runner, whilst other netball shoes are built to function similar to a sturdy cross trainer.
  • The Asics Netburner Professional FF 3 is a 2023 update to the Asics netball range which has reduced in weight from its predecessor, emanating more of a “runner” style feel.

Which shoe feels the best?

  • The best shoe you can invest in is one that feels good when you put it on.
  • A combination of good support, durability and structure is essential but the most important thing is what shoe feels most natural and comfortable when you’re out on the court.
  • All netball shoes are constructed to accommodate a range of foot shapes and sizes, orthotic devices, and ankle braces, which means that the challenge of finding your next netball shoe is a little less daunting.

With all of that said, our recommendations for the 2021 season are:


Our top picks of the 2023 range are:
  • Asics Netburner Professional FF
  • Asics Netburner Super FF
  • Asics Ballistic
  • Mizuno Wave Stealth V NB (Width option)
  • Mizuno Wave Phantom 2  (Width option)
If you have any questions- we are here to help! Head into Active Feet Geelong, Ocean Grove or Geelong or chat to your PFP podiatrist to find out more.
Jesse Harrison
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