Best Football boots for 2023!

We see a lot of footballers in our podiatry clinics across Victoria and Queensland, especially at this time of year and in the lead up to finals!
One of the best ways to prevent football injuries such as knee pain (PFJ or ITB)shin splints (MTSS)heel pain (plantar fasciitis)ankle pain and big toe joint pain is to wear the right footy boots.
Footy boots change every season and after reviewing the 2023 footy boot range we have compiled a list of the most comfortable and functional footy boots for League, Union, AFL and Soccer. If you prefer a lightweight boot it’s hard to go past these options:
  • Mizuno Morelia
  • New Balance Tekala
  • Adidas Copas
  • Adidas Predator
  • Nike Mercurials
  • Puma Ultra
If you prefer more support with some cushion on your boot we would recommend:

For kids:

The most supportive boot that feels most like a running shoe would be the Asics Lethal Ultimates. The trade off being the boot is a little heavier but very supportive on your feet. The best boot for you will ultimately depend on fit, feel and matching the outsole (tread) to the surface you are playing on.
The place to go to buy footy boots is your local Active Feet store who will help you out with the perfect fit. If you need any further help with your footy boots feel free to contact us. One of our Sports Podiatrists will return your email and answer any questions you have!
Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy!
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