Am I Fast Enough To Wear Speed Shoes?


Running is a much loved past time for many and particularly with the interruptions in many organised sports and more people having extra time not having to commute to work recently, it has been a great way to maintain fitness.  

With the increased uptake of new runners and those wanting to participate in races and events its a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of light weight speed shoes. 

A common misconception for newer runners is that they aren’t ‘fast enough’ to be in these shoes or that you need to be at the front of fun runs and races to be in this style of shoe.  This just isn’t the case.

These shoes can help runners of all levels to improve on their personal best at next week’s parkrun, fun run or running/triathlon event. 

The design of these shoes are made to promote a more efficient and faster running gait by promoting you to be more forward on your foot strike zone.  This will allow you to get the most out of yourself and give you the thrill of great results at the end of a race or a speed or interval session.  

While they provide great benefits when you’re at the faster end of your running capability, it’s very important to utilise them as part of a rotation of shoes as they are not designed for slower easy runs, or for long periods of walking or standing. 


Things to consider. 

  • Addressing any current injuries or niggles before incorporating a race shoe into the mix
  • Ensuring that you gradually build up to wearing them for a race 
  • Ensure you have appropriate footwear for longer slower tempo runs. 
  • Finding the right fit for you 


What can you do?

  • Speak to a Podiatrist –  A podiatrist will be able to assess you running biomechanics, strength and function of your lower limb and foot to help you transition into a race shoe.
  • Have a tailored running program to ensure a gradual increase in training distance and intensity. 
  • Go into see the team at Active feet to ensure you are fitted into the correct racing shoe for your specific needs. 


Check out these Racing shoes for 2021

Asics Magic speed

  • Engineered mesh upper improves breathability
  • Foam provides lightweight cushioning and a responsive rebound
  • A lightweight carbon plate runs from the midfoot forward to add structure and improve toe-off propulsion 


Saucony Endorphin pro

  • Soft, responsive foam to give a propulsive feel
  • Carbon-Fibre plate to further improve propulsion
  • Rocker shaped midsole to promote forward movement
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh upper to prevent hot feet


Endorphin Speed

  • Same foam as in Pro
  • Nylon plate as opposed to Endorphin pro is a little more forgiving.
  • More reinforced upper to increase ability to give more durability. 


Hoka Carbon X

  • Lightweight, responsive foam
  • Carbon-Fibre plate makes for a really stiff midsole that promotes a fast forward movement
  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Wide base for better stability


Brooks Tempo

  • Light, responsive foam to aid in quick transition from foot strike to propulsion phase 
  • Springy rubber in the forefoot creates a responsive feel to propel you forward.
  • High ventilation mesh upper for enhanced breathability
  • Non plated offering a softer feel. 



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