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At Pro Feed Podiatry our podiatrists enjoy helping you to be active, healthy and happy!

At your podiatry appointment

Your podiatry appointments will consist of:

  • Listening: We listen to understand you, the activities you enjoy, how your problem presented and how it affects you.
  • Accurate diagnosis: We may need to refer you for diagnostic imaging such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI or pathology.
  • Assessing and addressing the causative factors: We settle your pain and address the reasons why it presented.

We provide you with a specific management plan. We confirm your treatment goals, diagnosis, timeframe and management.

We will be here to help guide you along the way – we love keeping people active, healthy and happy!

What to bring to your podiatry appointment

You could also bring a few things to your appointment –

  • Footwear: Work, exercise, casual, slippers, thongs. They all help us to help you.
  • Orthotic devices: If you have orthoses now or previously please bring them along.
  • Previous results: If you have had imaging/results, please bring them with you.
  • Referral: A referral is not required to see our Podiatrists. Though if you have one, please bring it along.
  • Clothing: We will get you to do some walking/activity as part of your assessment. Dress appropriately if possible.
  • Medicare card, health insurance card: Where applicable we can process your rebate at our clinics.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us prior to your appointment.

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We look forward to caring for you soon!