Ocean Grove Podiatrist, Andrew Crutch, discusses growing pains

June 26, 2019

I have two very active boys who both play lots of sport, and recently when talking to other parents I was asked if podiatrists can help with growing pains?

Growing pains is a broad term for the pain children experience in the legs and feet most commonly in the evening or during the night. Sometimes the pain can cause children to wake crying from the pain.

Growing pains can sometimes be dismissed as pain that will go away over time. It is common practice for parents to be told to just give it a few weeks rest and then try going back to sport, however growing pains can be an ongoing issue lasting months or even years.

There are a number of causes for growing pains but most often its pain from a muscle imbalance as children grow. Tight or stronger muscles in one region of the leg can put increased stress on joints and other muscles.


Should you bring your child in for an assessment?

If your child is suffering from growing pains there are three things that need to be considered:

Are the growing pains happening on a regular basis?

Is it stopping your child from playing sports or keeping active?

Is there a pattern where the pain is occurring after a particular activity?


Keeping active

We love keeping kids as active as possible, a big part of that is being pain free and children enjoying playing. At Pro Feet Podiatry were proactive about children’s health. The last thing we want is to allow muscle imbalances in the leg to cause further issues up the chain, ie: Knee, hip or lower back.


What to expect in an assessment?

As part of your assessment at Pro Feet Podiatry we like to check range of motion and strength of the muscles as well as how these muscles are activating as children walk. We’re checking to make sure your child is walking as efficiently as possible.

We use the latest technology to help diagnose areas where excessive loading is occurring and muscles are being overworked.

From here we can help diagnose the issue and provide a plan for how to reduce growing pains as quickly as possible, children should be active and pain free!


Treatment options can consist of:


Changes to footwear

Soft flexible custom orthotics

Stretching programs


Foot mobilisation





If you have any questions about growing pains or would like to book an appointment please send me an email or book online.


Andrew Crutch

Podiatrist Andrew Crutch consults at Pro Feet Podiatry’s Geelong, Ocean Grove and Drysdale locations. Andrew loves helping people keep active, he believes prevention is better than the cure and of the importance of identifying and addressing risk factors.