Are you investing in great runners, but neglecting your day-to-day shoes?

June 3, 2019

Investing in great runners but neglecting your day-to-day shoes? Windsor podiatrist, Jessie Duff, explains why our work shoes matter!

Whether you’re training for a big event or just a weekend warrior, your work shoes really do matter!

The importance of a good running or exercise shoe is generally well understood. We all know that a good running shoe will help to provide shock absorption, control excessive foot motions, and keep our feet moving efficiently when we are pounding the pavement. A common misconception is that if we only get foot or ankle pain when we run, but we don’t get any pain when we are at work, then our work shoes don’t matter. So how do our work shoes impact the pain that we get when we are running?


Most of us spend more time at work, or commuting to work, than we do anywhere else. If we are squeezing our feet into a shoe that offers little support, here’s what can happen:

  • The structures in our feet have to work hard to control the movements in our feet
  • Over time, this can lead to fatigue of the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Even if this doesn’t lead to any immediate pain, it means that when we do go to run, the structures in our feet are tired, and not functioning efficiently
  • Over time, this can lead to pain or injury


So, when you’re choosing your next work shoe, look for one with the following features:

  • Is sturdy around the heel counter (back of the heel)
  • You can’t easily bend in half
  • You can’t twist or wring out like a sponge
  • Has something to fasten the shoe to your foot (think laces, buckles, straps etc)


Good work shoes can be really tough to find. Here’s a list of some of my favourite Melbourne based footwear shops!

  • Bared Footwear
  • Ecco
  • Frankie 4
  • Ziera


If you are interested in knowing if your current shoes are a good option, what to buy next or if you are experiencing any foot or ankle pain, I’m here to help!


Jessie Duff