Have you experienced an ankle injury?

April 9, 2019

With netball & football season fast approaching now is the time to get on top of pre-existing ankle injuries and knowing when to seek help if you roll your ankle during the season.


As a Netballer myself I know the high impact nature of the sport and the demands it puts on your body. One of the most common netball injuries we as Podiatrists treat is ankle sprains. 


What should I do if I roll my ankle during the game?

  • Ice immediately
  • Elevate
  • Offload via crutches if unable to weight bare
  • Compression
  • Protect injured site
  • 48 -72 hours post injury you want to move your ankle trying to write the alphabet and stretching through your calf.


If you have high levels of pain, rapid onset of swelling or inability to weight bare after the incident you should see a health professional such as Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for further examination urgently and then again 3-5 days after the incident once the swelling has gone down.


We then use certain tests and guidelines to determine if a patient needs further imaging especially to rule out high ankle sprains.


Most people get their Ankle injuries seen to initially but then don’t follow through with the ongoing rehabilitation 6+ weeks after.


If not rehabilitated properly or misdiagnosed the ankle can become weak and more susceptible to re-occurring ankle sprains by up to 70%!


What should I do if I have weak ankles/stiff ankles from old ankle sprains?


Book in to see a health professional such as Podiatrist or Physiotherapist to improve strength, range of motion and proprioception (receptors that control balance around the ankle) so that you are less susceptible to injury in the future.


At Pro Feet Podiatry we use treatment modalities for ankle sprains/chronic ankle injuries which include:  


If you have a pre-existing ankle injury don’t hesitate to book an appointment to reduce the risk of injuring it again this season via our website or by giving the clinic a call on 1300 945 789

Please contact me if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.


Holly Vanderkley

Sports Podiatrist