Best Women’s Football Boots 2019!

April 17, 2019

As the number of females playing AFL soars, the need for appropriate football boots does too.

If you are currently or have played football in the past, it is likely that you would have had difficulty selecting the right foot, with minimal options available to females.

We often see women in the clinic with problems, due to incorrect football boots including blistering, black toe nails, shin splints & heel pain.  Podiatrist, Bernadette Meade, has compiled a guide to help you when selecting your football boots this season.

Women’s Boots 

  1. Micro Jet 19 X – Ultra light microfiber upper which reduces weight assisting in reducing leg fatigue while still having water resistant properties. A good supportive boot to support players of all levels.
  2. The MicroJet 19 is available to purchase through Rebel online and can be returned in store if it doesn’t fit or feel right. A similar boot in style to the MicroJet 19 x but with more technology. The outsole is designed to penetrate the ground quickly to allow better tractions for quicker turns and changes of direction, while the spring board within the shoe gives fantastic energy return.

Xblades have been working with the AFL and NRL over the past 24 months to revolutionise their football boot designs and in the midst of that have made female boots to accommodate the needs of female feet. Females in general are lighter than men and their feet generally narrower and finer. Therefore the lighter and more energy efficient the boot can be the lower the injury risk and the more comfortable the boot can be.


Men & Children’s football boots continue to dominate the market & offer the widest range of styles. When selecting which way to go with the boots,

Children’s Boots (For Women size 8.5US & under) 

  1. Asics Lethal Ultimate
  2. Asics Lethal Tigreor
  3. Adidas Predator 19.3
  4. Asics DS Light

Men’s Boots (For Women size 8.5US & above) 

  1. Asics DS Light 6
  2. Asics Lethal RS
  3. Adidas ACE 16.4

When purchasing football boots there are a few key tips:

  1. Allow for half a finger width between the end of the shoe and your longest toe.
  2. Take football socks to the store as they are often thicker than normal socks
  3. Go for the most comfortable footy boot!

While we can’t change the size of your boots we can help with getting the fit as good as possible! We have lots of tricks that can stop the boot moving around on your foot. Most times in the width that is the problem area for girls in football boots, which leaves too much room in the shoe and has the foot sliding around.

If you have any questions about what are the best football boots for you or having difficulty with your current pair, please feel free to contact us via email or book online.

Good luck!

Bernadette Meade 

Sports Podiatrist