What are the best kids school shoes?

January 7, 2019

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school. Which, if you have kids like mine, means new school shoes. First we’ll go through the basics of what to look for in a structured shoe. Then give you some recommendations on durable school shoes that are up to the task.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a school shoe, we need the shoe to fit, so being properly measured is important in growing feet. A thumbs width of room at the toe is perfect to allow for movement and a little wiggle room is great but there shouldn’t be any slipping at the heel as this will only cause blisters.

A cushioned but durable sole is important but so is the structure of the shoe. Check out the video below where we discuss how to tell if a shoe has good structure and why it’s important for developing feet.



So what shoes are the best?

Well it depends on your definition of the best…

My boys go through shoes really quickly due to the concrete and asphalt surfaces they play on at school, so I like a durable shoe that provides cushioning and support.

I have them wearing the Ascent Cluster 3 due to the leather upper, running shoe style and durable outsole which comes with a 6 month outsole guarantee.

You may want to consider the Ascent Defender 3 if your child needs a shoe for all the reasons of the Cluster but with more arch support.

Ascent also make the same shoe with a traditional school shoe look, the Ascent Apex, as well as a Mary Jane style, Ascent Adela. These shoes are what Ascent likes to call “Running shoes in disguise” providing the support and durability or a runners with a school shoe look.

Asics also have a fantastic black runner for school. Which, has great support, fantastic cushioning and a durable outsole, the Asics Gel-540TR. This is a cross trainer which will stand up to the daily stresses of school play.

Then there is the always reliable Clarks Daytona that comes in fittings from extra narrow to extra wide to make sure the fitting for your children’s feet is perfect.


Which one is right for my child?

So the main takeaways from this article should be the best shoe for your child is a shoe that fits right and lasts. Having a cushioned midsole like all of these shoes do will help with the harder surfaces around school and the durable outsole will stop them from wearing quickly.

Where can I get these shoes?

It’s very important with growing childrens feet to have them measured and fitted everytime they are getting a new pair of shoes. Always buy in store and locally if possible, The Athletes Foot carries the Ascent range exclusively, Asics and Clark’s are available at all good shoe stores.

Want more help with school shoes? Please feel free to call or email me, I would love to help.

Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy,

Andrew Crutch




Andrew Crutch

Podiatrist Andrew Crutch consults at Pro Feet Podiatry’s Geelong and Drysdale clinics and loves helping people achieve their fitness goals. Andrew believes strongly in prevention being better than the cure and of the importance of identifying and addressing risk factors to prevent injuries.