Best Work Shoes For Men!!

October 1, 2018

If you’re anything like me work shoes need to last and still look good. We’ve composed a list of footwear thats durable but still looks good no matter what field you work in. We’ll cover business shoes, casual styles and work boots to give you the best shoes or boots for you.

Our Job as podiatrists is to help give you some clarity:

What’s wrong (the diagnosis)
Why it is there (the causative factors)
What’s the plan (how long will it take and what do we do to get back to our normal activity for both now and long term!)
A major causative factor that we consistently see is the footwear that men are wearing day in, day out at work. Have a look in the wardrobe and you’ll see blokes keep shoes well past their used by date and it’s only hurting them during the day. If you’re reading this it’s because of sore feet or achey tired legs and you want better support.

We’ll explain why these shoes are superior to the competition while still being nice shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and cushioned.


Business shoes:

All of these business shoes will give your feet support and cushioning, really like no other business shoe you’ve worn before.


Ecco Melbourne Sleek and stylish mens business shoe with premium leather upper and a PU direct injection sole. Giving you a light cushioned feel that will last.

Ecco Helsinki Great, durable shoe with a PU sole giving you all day comfort.

Ascent Contest A nice stable shoe with leather upper and a slip resistant sole.

Aquila Cartwright Premium leather mens business shoes with a rubber leather composite sole.


Work Boots:

Ascent Alpha 2  These are our top recommendation for work boots. Super cushioned but with all the support your expect in a runner.

Blue Steel Argyle Sturdy, supportive and long wearing boots with midsole cushion.

Oliver AT 55’s Great sturdy work boot with lots of support. Less cushion than the Ascent and Blue steel work boots but still provide great support for your feet at work.

FXD Workboot Great support with a cushioned midsole to help prevent achey feet during the day.

Ascent Zest Steel cap business shoes with a slip resistant sole, cushioned midsole and running shoe support.


Casual work shoes and Boots:

With hidden midsole cushioning and support your feet will love

Ecco Ian Chelsea boots with and great upper available in brown and black.

Ecco Soft 7 Hightop A fresh twist on the high top making it casual enough for play but still stylish as a boot for work.

Ecco Men’s Cool Nice casual black shoe that will wear well. Your feet will love them

We stock a range of the Ecco shoes at our Geelong, Drysdale and Torquay Podiatry Clinics. We are also able to order shoes into our other locations for you to try on as needed.

If you have changed your shoes to one of our more supportive pairs of shoes and your feet are still sore, painful or achy feet please make a time with one of our Podiatrists at a convenient location near you. We are passionate about helping people and there is always something we can do to help you work more comfortably.

To book an appointment please call 1300 953 167 or book an appointment online.

Team PFP!