Best Shoes For Travel!!

October 1, 2018

The perfect travel shoe… does it exist?


You have been planning the holiday for months – flights booked, itinerary planned, clothes packed…. But wait, what shoes to take?


As Podiatrist’s (and keen adventurers) we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect travel or everyday shoe, especially one that ticks all the boxes.


They must endure hours of shopping, uneven cobblestones, look smart but be comfortable and allow for never ending sightseeing.


The PFP Podiatry team, have put together their list of top Travel Shoes to help keep your feet happy while on holiday….



  1. Ecco Soft 7 (Black, White or Rose Dust)
  2. Ecco Soft 8 Tie
  3. Frankie 4 Nat
  4. Frankie 4 Ellie
  5. Frankie 4 Jacki
  6. Ecco Soft 2.0
  7. Frankie 4 Beth



  1. Ecco Soft 7
  2. Ecco Soft 7 High top
  3. Ecco Kyle Tie
  4. Nike Tanjun
  5. Ecco Crapetrey


We stock a range of these shoes at our Geelong, Drysdale and Torquay Podiatry Clinics. We are also able to order shoes into our other locations as needed.


If you do have sore, painful or achy feet please feel free to make a time with one of our Podiatrists at a convenient location near you. We are passionate about helping people and there is always something we can do to keep you out there and walking comfortably.


To book an appointment please call 1300 945 789 or book an appointment online.


Team PFP