What are the best shoes for nurses? Podiatrist explains…

July 31, 2018

What are the best shoes for nurses?

We see and help lots of nurses in the clinic… lots of them with tired, sore, painful and achy feet!

Some of the nurses we see are younger and some are in the back ends of their careers…. All of them have one thing in common. They are on their feet for long hours on HARD, flat and unforgiving surfaces.

As Podiatrists our job is to give our Nurses clarity. Clarity on:

  • What’s wrong (the diagnosis)
  • Why it is there (the causative factors)
  • What’s the plan (how long will it take and what do we do to get back to our normal activity for both now and long term!)

A major causative factor that we consistently see is the footwear that our Nurses are wearing day in, day out at work. In particular with the hard, flat floors and surfaces that we spend the majority of the day on.

And btw… how hard is it to find nurses shoes that are a. Comfy b. Lightweight and c. Cushioned?

We have put together a list of the best shoes for Nurses… shoes that are comfy, cushioned and light.

Lace ups:

  1. Ecco Soft 7
  2. Ecco Soft 5 Lace
  3. Ecco Womens Cool
  4. Frankie 4 Ellie III
  5. Frankie 4 Beth
  6. Frankie 4 Nat
  7. Alegria Belle
  8. Alegria Kourtney

Mary Jane:

  1. Ecco Soft 5 Mary Jane
  2. Ecco Babette 2 Mark Jane


  1. Asics Cumulus
  2. Asics Pursue
  3. Brooks Ghost
  4. Saucony Triumph
  5. Saucony Ride
  6. Mizuno Sky
  7. Nike Vomero
  8. Hoka Bondi 5
  9. Brooks Dyad
  10. Brooks Dyad Walker

We stock a range of these shoes at our Geelong, Drysdale and Torquay Podiatry Clinics. We are also able to order shoes into our other locations as needed.

If you do have sore, painful or achy feet please feel free to make a time with one of our Podiatrists at a convenient location near you. We are passionate about helping people and there is always something we can do to keep you out there and walking comfortably.

To book an appointment please call 1300 945 789 or book an appointment online.

Team PFP!

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