What to think about when picking a netball shoe?

March 1, 2018

As netball trials sweep the nation, the familiar smell of Thursday night training and icy cold winter Saturdays hit us. Whether you are the kind of netballer who has been training steadily all of pre season, or you are the opposite who has only just dusted off the cobwebs, with the dawn of a new season comes the list of preparation tasks needing to be ticked off; Top of the list- new shoes!

Picking a new shoe can be tricky for anyone and any activity. Picking a new netball shoe and having to weigh up it’s features, benefits, durability and grip- that’s a whole other kettle of fish. As podiatrists dealing with netballers of all ages and abilities, we find asking yourself the following questions, can make this task that little bit easier.

What surface you are predominantly using your netball shoes on?

  • Netball shoes are designed to facilitate movement in multiple directions. To accommodate this, the outsole (bottom of the shoe) is constructed with heavy duty rubber that prevents slipping and ankle rolling. Unfortunately, this increased durability leads to a trade off and that is an increase in the weight of the shoe. The more durable the shoe is, the heavier it is going to be. Within the Asics Netball range, the Asics Netburner 18 is going to be the most durable with the Brooks Maximus Leather XT 10 their most durable frontrunner.

What position do you usually run in?

  • All netball shoes are built with different constructions. Some netball shoes are constructed to function and feel more like a runner, whilst other netball shoes are built to function similar to a sturdy cross trainer.  The Asics Netburner Professional FF is a 2018 update to the Asics netball range which has reduced by almost 40 grams to its 2017 predecessor, emanating more of a “runner” style feel.

Which shoe feels the best?

  • The best shoe you can invest in is one that feels good when you put it on. A combination of good support, durability and structure is essential but the most important thing is what shoe feels most natural and comfortable when you’re out on the court. All netball shoes are constructed to accommodate a range of foot shapes and sizes, orthotic devices, and ankle braces, which means that the challenge of finding your next netball shoe is a little less daunting.

With all of that said, our recommendations for the 2018 season are:

The best places to purchase your netball shoes are:




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Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy!

Natalie Mazzella