Amy Hawker, Geelong Podiatrist…Gives 5 Top Tips For The Geelong Cross Country Club Season

March 1, 2018

5 Top Tips For The Geelong Cross Country Club Season – Amy Hawker  Podiatrist

We are proud to announce our support of the Geelong Cross Country Club for 2018!

We love helping people to keep active so it is awesome to see the army of volunteers who get up early on a Sunday morning to setup and coordinate such a fun, supportive and active event for the Geelong region!  Thank you!

We love being able to help with prizes, race sponsorship and by going down and running the events… great fun!!

As a marathon runner and member of the Geelong Cross Country Club, I have put together 5 top tips on everything you need to know to get ready for this running season.

Yes, the cross country season is upon us; and with it comes the time to dust off your runners and hit the track. I’m sharing 5 of my best tips on how to get ‘run ready’- everything you need to run faster, better and stronger in 2018.

  1. Running Program: As a sports podiatrist, I help many clients with running-related injuries. The majority of issues come from failing to follow an appropriate loading program. It is important to not only run but include strengthening and cross-training into your program. There are many apps and online program such as the ‘couch to 5K’ which provide an excellent guide to help you get started. An activity tracker or watch such as a Garmin 235 forerunner is also an excellent way to track your running to ensure you are following a program properly.
  2. Health Care Team: It is important to have a health care team behind you for strengthening, diet, soft tissues work, run technique advice, footwear- such as a physiotherapist, coach, osteopath, or myotherapist- it’s about finding the right person for you to help you achieve your goals, not just now but in the long term.
  3. Tunes!: One of the best ways to enhance your runs is to liven things up with an awesome playlist. This can be helpful towards the end of a long run so you can keep your energy up, especially when doing hill runs. Spotify is a great app that you can download onto your phone.
  4. Progress over perfection:  It’s all above improvement over time. One of the main attractions to running its that is can help with self-improvement. Start by timing your runs and see how you can improve this over a few weeks. You can start looking into cadence, running technique and distance to analyse how you can run faster and again- run watches and activity trackers can help. A running coach can also help you achieve your goals over time. 
  5. Good Gear: Ideally to rotate between multiple pairs of shoes during training. A shoe that is appropriate for your type of foot is important, and to have a shoe that feel best on your foot. The general lifespan of a shoe is 100km. Personally I like to have 50km or more in a shoe prior to race day. It is also important to consider all accessories including technical running socks, sunglasses, gels, water pack and hat. It is vital that you do not change or add in anything new that you haven’t trained in on your long runs.

And there you have it! 5 awesome tips to help you get ready this year! I hope these help you reach your goals. See you on the 8th April at the GCCC Half Marathon- Happy running! 

Please see below the list of races for 2018 in and around the Geelong region.


Date Race Results Grade
1st April Easter Sunday (No Race)
8th April Geelong Half Marathon Results C
15th April Belmont Park 5k Results A
22nd April Belmont Park 6.5km Results A
29th April Portarlington 8km Results A
6th May Ocean Grove 8km Results B
13th May Deakin 9km Results B
20th May Belmont Park – Teams Race 4km Results A
27th May Inverleigh 8km Results C
3rd June Waurn Ponds – Sealed Series 5km Results A
10th June Drysdale 7km Results B
17th June Wurdiboluc 12.6km Results B
24th June Balyang – Sealed Series 8km Results A
1st July Geelong Grammar School 10km Results B
8th July Balyang 10km Results A
15th July You Yangs 10.5km Results C
22nd July Belmont Park – Sealed Series 10km Results

Age Graded Results

29th July Waurn Ponds 8km Results A
5th Aug Torquay 10km Results B
12th Aug Fyansford 8km Results B
19th Aug Queenscliff 10km Results B
26th Aug Belmont Park – Sealed Series 15km Results B
2nd Sept Fyansford – Four Bridges 5km Results A
9th Sept Anglesea 8km Results B
16th Sept Belmont Park 21.1km Results C
23rd Sept Eliminator 4/3/2km Results A

Course Gradings

A = Easy: Due to course being flat, even surface and short in distance

B = Medium: Due to course having some hills and possibly some off-road surfaces.

C = Difficult: Due to course having steep climbs, off road terrain or being long in distance.