Top tips for keeping your feet active, healthy and happy this summer!

December 7, 2017

After a cosy winter of hiding underneath socks and enclosed shoes, the warm summer days are a chance to show off your feet, so here are some tips for having summer-worthy feet.

Soak it: Soaking our feet in warm water softens up the skin and you can add some Epsom salts for extra muscle relaxation. This may seem obvious, but keeping your feet clean in the summer is extremely important, particularly if you spend time outdoors barefoot or in thin-soled sandals.

Nail it: The next step in ‘ nailing’ your summer look is…your toenails! It is best to cut the nails in a square shape and avoid cutting too low to the nail bed. It is also important to remove all polish, and leave toenails au nature as our nails need to be able to ‘breathe’ to stay healthy and fungus free, but we are happy to help you with her nail care!

Scrub those soles: Use a foot file or pumice stone to gently remove any hard skin on your feet. Ensure feet are still slightly damp for this part to avoid irritating any cracks. If unsure, it is best to see a podiatrist for your skin care.

Moisturise daily: Massage some soothing moisturising cream into your feet. The best emollient creams contain urea which acts quickly to promote healing of dry, cracked skin, so try to get your hands on some (and then get some on your feet!).

Supportive sandals: Get a hold of some supportive sandals or thongs and enjoy showing off your feet this summer. Our recommendation is a pair of Archies Sandals or Orthaheel Wave Thongs which offer excellent arch support. Pro Feet Podiatry stock Archies and Orthaheels within our clinics.

Don’t forget to slip, slop and slap your feet with sunscreen to avoid sunburn or bad tan lines. You know you should protect your face, arms and legs with sunscreen, but it can be easy to forget about your extremities. Your feet are just as vulnerable to sun damage as the rest of your body, and a painful sunburn on your feet can make wearing shoes uncomfortable. When applying sunscreen, pay special attention to the tops of your feet, and be sure to reapply as needed.

I hope these tips help keep your feet smiling for all of your fun summer activity!

If you do have a question about shoes, sandals or your sore feet please contact me. I would love to help you!