How do I stop my orthotics from squeaking? Geelong Podiatrist, Amy explains..

August 10, 2017

How do I stop my orthotics from squeaking? Geelong Podiatrist, Amy explains..

Squeaky orthotics are more than a funny sound — they can be downright annoying! Often the sound will go away after wearing in a new shoe or orthotic but if the noise continues to be an issue then we can help you put a stop to the squeak. 

It primarily occurs as a result of friction and air between the shoe and orthosis rarely do the orthosis alone cause the noise. Often it is the front or side of the orthotic sliding around in the shoe which creates air pockets. The good news is that many solutions are available.

First, isolate where the squeaky noise is coming from as it may be coming from the sole of the shoe or orthotic.  Then, remove your insole and inspect it for signs of excess movement such as creases.  

You can then try the following:

  1. Use talcum power in the shoe
  2. Spray the bottom of the orthosis with silicone spray
  3. Cut a dryer sheet to the size of the shoe and put this under the orthotic
  4. Have the orthotic adjusted by your Podiatrist
  5. If in the rare case where all the above fails, try a different shoe.

If still squeaking, contact Pro Feet Podiatry on 1300 945 789 to make an appointment to address this issue.

Additionally, if you think you would benefit from a more specific assessment of your walking or running shoes and orthotics as a part of keeping you active, or need specific advice on your orthotics, feel free to make a time in the clinic on 1300 945 789 or book your appointment online.

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to caring for you soon!

Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy,

Amy Leverett


Pro Feet Podiatry