What are the best netball shoes? Podiatrist, Natalie Mazzella picks for 2017!

March 2, 2017

Best Netball Shoes for 2017

And just like that season 2017 has arrived! In a flurry of excitement amongst a new national netball league, netballers across the country begin the daunting prospect of pre season training, selection trials and the most intimidating of all, the purchase of new netball shoes. Working with netballers of all ages and abilities at our clinics, we understand how frustrating the purchase of a new netball shoe can be! The fear of blisters and slipping are always front and centre of mind and the tendency to keep using the old faithful shoes is always there.

No two feet are the same and more specifically no two netballers feet are the same. All netballers have an individual preference to how a shoe will fit, feel and perform for them on the court. Thankfully, the shoe world has responded by bringing out a variety of options for all of our tricky to fit netball feet in a variety of fantastic colours and styles.

From a general perspective, there are two main styles of shoes worn when playing netball- netball specific cross trainers or runners. A quick look at the national netball league will show that all netballers have different preferences; Liz Watson prefers to wear the Asics GT 2000 (a runner) while Geva Mentor prefers the function of the Asics Netburner Academy. There are pros and cons to using each style of shoe. For example, a netburner has a sole pattern that encourages movement in multiple directions and is made to support directional changes. However, due to this it, it is a little bit heavier and therefore a runner may be the preference for some players due to its increase in cushioning and lightweight feel.

The most important thing to remember when picking your netball shoe is to pick what feels most natural and comfortable on your feet. The large range of netball shoes available now are able to fit a variety of foot shapes and accommodate orthotic devices and ankle braces easily. Remember to consider the surface you are playing on as well as the position you are playing as these may all affect your final decision.

Our picks for the 2017 season are the

The best places to purchase your netball shoes are:




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Yours in keeping people active, healthy and happy!

Natalie Mazzella


Podiatrist Natalie Mazzella works at Pro Feet Podiatry’s Drysdale, Lara and Colac clinics and has a particular interest in helping footballers, netballers and runners prevent and manage their injuries. She enjoys working with people of all abilities and ages and helping them stay active.