Countdown to the Surf Coast Century


The Surf Coast Century, a highlight of the Surf Coast running season, is rapidly approaching. With only 6 weeks between now and the event, it’s time to ensure those running are fully prepared for what lies ahead. Whether you’re tackling the 100km yourself or in a team, the preparations prior to the event are universal.


Here’s our key tips to make this year’s return to the SCC a successful one.


1. Time to sort out those niggles

If your body is starting to feel the effects of the increase in training load then it’s the time to listen. With limited time between now and race day, it’s important these niggles don’t progress to event cancelling injuries. Whether it’s heel pain, calf tightness or even some consistent blistering, an appointment with your Podiatrist might save you some heartache on race day.  


2. Footwear

Do you have your shoes sorted for the big day? If you don’t, we need to get them into the rotation fairly soon. Ideally, your race day shoe should have at least 100km in the bank. This is to avoid any negative responses an unfamiliar shoe may produce e.g blisters, calf tightness etc. Our friends at Active Feet (in Newtown and Ocean Grove) have you covered if you’re in need of an update.


3. Mobility 

At this stage of your preparations, it’s time to make your foam roller your best friend. Often the neglected side of training is the before and after training routine. Not only will 10-15 minutes of foam rolling help reduce any niggles but will likely improve performance. Key areas to target are calf, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. Don’t forget to treat your feet too! This mobility work is best done with a lacrosse ball, tennis ball or golf ball. 


Good luck to those competing this year!


If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me at the address below or make an appointment with any of our team members on 1300 937 573, alternatively, you can book an appointment online.


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